Control Zone (CTR Tromsø Airport)

Telephone Number to the Duty Officer at the Control Tower, Tromsø Airport

+47 67034766

Rules for flying inside Tromsø CTR.

The following information concerning the new regulations for paragliding and hanggliding within controlled airspace in Tromsø that were bought into effect on 1st. July 2011.

Here you will find some information on the rules as they are at present (15th. June 2012). Please note that regulations can change and it is recommended that visiting pilots get in touch with THPK before they fly if they are in any doubt. The information below has been acquired from information received from AVINOR (Avinor is the body responsible for planning, developing and operating the Norwegian airport network).


Link to contacts at Tromsø Hang- and Paraglider Club (THPK):

It is important that you are familiar with the dimensions of the various areas we are allowed to fly in:- There are 5 areas within the Tromsø CTR.


NOTE                        NOTE                        NOTE

Paragliding and Hanggliding Flying within the Control Zone in Tromsø is a rare and special privilege within Norwegian Airspace. However, the rules are strict and there is absolutely no room for breaking them.

IF you break the rules there is a large risk that we will lose the right to fly in these areas forever! It is also a violation of norwegian law – violations will be reported to the proper authorities.


1: The so called “Landing Box” (Landingboks in Norwegian) – This is an area close to sea level below the Cable Car. This area cannot be activated by itself but is automatically activated if either or both  the areas “Tromsdalen” and/or “Floya” are activated)

2: Tromsdalen

3: Fløya

4: Finnvikdalen

5: Ersfjorden

6: Ramfjorden


It is obligatory to get permission from Tromsø Control Tower to “activate” the area you want to fly in. TEL +47 67 03 47 66.

The maximum height at which you will be allowed to fly cannot usually be higher than the recommended maximum height for each box (see information below). On certain occasions when flight conditions are very favourable you can ask permission to increase the maximum height but, in our experience, this is becoming much more difficult to obtain. When talking to the duty officer at the control tower it is very important that there is no misunderstanding about the area you want to fly in and the maximum height. Also, it is important to request a time limit (Usually a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 3 hours). If you need to fly longer this can be requested at the time you activate the site or you can once again call the Control Tower to extend the time (and height). However, be sure to do this before your original time has run out, otherwise you have to start from the beginning again.

Normally the Control Tower will ask you for your Name and your Mobile Telephone number in case they need to reach you. If you stop your flying activity before the time limit has expired please call the Control Tower to tell them. They appreciate this. HOWEVER, be sure that no other pilot/s is/are still flying (It is possible that another pilot has started flying after you started and have themselves contacted the Control Tower to check the height and time limits on your activated box. Note that you may not have seen them as they may have started in another part of the same box. When calling the tower to cancel your flying activities it is always a good idea to check with them if others have called. When in doubt do not “de-activate” the box, even if you have stopped flying.

– Apart from the (Landing Box) no more than 2 of the other areas can be open simultaneously.

– If you want to fly up “Tromsdalen” (The valley on the north side of the cable car), you need to “activate” (have permission from Tromsø Control Tower) the area “Tromsdalen
– It is possible to fly from the area “Ramfjorden” to the neighbouring area “Fløya” by following approximately the main road (E8). However, it is important that both areas have been “activated”.

– Note that the starting areas immediately beside the upper cable car station, particularly the one facing west, requires confident take off skills due to the fact that it is rather small with a cliff face.


Landing Box (Landingsboks):
–  Maximum height 1500 feet
–  NOTE that the Landing Box is automatically activated when either the area Fløya and/or the area Tromsdalen is/are activated. Therefore this area cannot be activated by itself.

– NOTE this area is only for landing

– the area covered is, in essence, an extension of the 2 areas Fløya and Tromsdalen towards the sea (Tromsø Sound) –  see map.


– maximum height 2000 feet
–  there is a small overlap with the area Floya in the area close to the upper cable car station (see maps)

– the area covered from the left is an imaginary line from the so-called bus bridge near the mouth of the small river (Tromsdalselva), via the Childrens School in Tromsdalen, to the Cable Car parking place and to the grass covered area  on the inland side of the shopping centre Pyramiden (beside the sea). These reference points are easily visible from the air. Otherwise the extent of the entire area can be seen in the attached map.

– best wind directions NW , N, NE and E.

– This area also includes the so-called “South Start”, which is about 300 meters south of the cable car station (normally best for NW , W and SW wind directions). Although, normally the south start is used when the area “Floya” is opened.


– maximum height 2000 feet.
– small overlap with the area Tromsdalen in the area close to the upper cable car station (see maps).

– West limit: similar to Tromsdalen area, but continues in a southerly direction along the high tension electric cables, the masts of which are easily visible. Otherwise the extent of the area can be seen in the attached map.
– This area also includes the so-called “South Start”, which is about 300 meters south of the cable car station (best for NW , W and SW wind directions).


– maximum height 2500 feet
– The extent of the entire area can be seen in the attached map.


– maximum height 3000 feet
– The extent of the entire area can be seen in the attached map.


– Maximum height 2000 feet.
– The extent of the entire area can be seen in the attached map.
– The eastern border of the area follows the edge of the control zone.

Links about flying sites (mostly in Norwegian)

The starts in Floya and Tromsdalen (Fjellheisen).