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UPDATE: 11.12.2019

Hei wonderful THPK members,
We haven’t received almost any confirmation so far for the Julebord. So we decided to cancel the event for this friday 13th December.
Sorry again for the mixup. We had the desire to have a gathering but we lacked time and energy to make it happen in time.
We will catch up next time with better planning 😉
See you in 2020 recharged and full of ideas and motivation for a great paragliding year!
Safe flying and god Jul og god nyttår til alle! 🎅

Hei guys, I am speaking for myself in saying that it’s been a very hectic and troubled time in the past couple of months, but I think it’s been the same also for many others of us in the board. So sorry for this late communication. We will definitely improve our communication and organisational skills for 2020 🤞That said: FREDAG 13th DESEMBER we booked the grill house+sauna+hot tub at GRØTFJORD to celebrate a JULEBORD for the club!
The owner tells us there is a limited space for about 17people. So to confirm your attendance at the event please Vipps 150kr to the club’s Vipps account (see comments for screenshots). Special thanks to Thom Roger for setting it up for us. Since I believe you are the only one with access to the club’s Vipps account, please help us keep track of the people who have confirmed the attendance, tusen takk!The club will provide food and drinks. You are obviously free also to bring any food/drinks of your own if you wish to have something very specific to drink or grill.
I doing my best to be able to be there myself, I hope many will be able to join even with such a short notice 🙂 God Jul!!  (Giacomo)

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